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Attention friends, the pre-order for the new/last Pagan Altar masterpiece is up now on LP, CD and cassette! Please visit us on our fb page to hear a premiere of the track “Dance of the Vampires”. Enjoy and thank you in advance for your support! Pagan Altar – The Room of Shadows (Temple-005 LP/CD/MC) Pagan Altar are one […]

The mighty 2010 EP by Chile’s COMMUNION is finally going to see its well-deserved vinyl treatment!  Originally released in 2010 on CD by Proselytism records and released for the first time on vinyl and cassette by Temple of Mystery Records, COMMUNION “Communion” is a flawless EP loaded with devastating evil metal riffs comparable to early […]

  Droid’s debut album Terrestrial Mutation is finally out on cassette, and everything came out beautifully! Droid is a Canadian progressive thrash/speed metal band, and this world-class album is a must for fans of Voïvod and Coroner. Available as a bundle with a shaped patch  (or no patch). Thank you for your support!  Listen here:

Final Pagan Altar album “The Room of Shadows” to be released in August 2017 Temple of Mystery are extremely delighted of announcing that we have sealed a pact with NWOBHM/Doom legends PAGAN ALTAR to release the LP/CD and cassette version of their final album, “The Room of Shadows” on August 24th, 2017. Pagan Altar are […]