Temple of Mystery Records is proud of releasing its first split 7″ EP with none other than MALOKARPATAN from Slovakia (featuring a part of the song with guest vocals from Barditus of Lugubrum) and DEMON’S GATE (featuring members of Chevalier)! Two incredible tracks for maniacs of true first-wave Black Metal with killer RIFFS and unclean […]

TRAPPED UNDER ICE!  A collection of 10 cuts from the very best new Canadian Heavy/Speed Metal bands, featuring METALIAN, SPELL, TRAVELER, CAUCHEMAR, FREEWAYS, BARROW WIGHT, OCCULT BURIAL, BLACKRAT, EMBLEM and STARLIGHT RITUAL!! Each band provides an exciting track completely exclusive to this collection, reflecting today’s incredible underground scene across Canada’s wide and frosty northlands. Album cover concept, logo and ice-pick […]

  Temple of Mystery presents Outre-Tombe’s second full-length, and first new material in three years… NÉCROVORTEX! 10-tracks of horror-themed ancient Death Metal from Quebec-City with disgusting French vocals.   Listen to a preview here:   PRE-ORDERS:  CD (pre-order – out on October 17 2018) Regular Black Vinyl (pre-order – out in December 2018) Limited Bone-Colored […]

Temple of Mystery Records are extremely proud of signing a pact in blood with the haunted Vancouver Death Metal act REVERSED and releasing their first demo! With ghoulish bloodlust and frenzied possession, a force below conspires corpse-like under grave dirt and grime. Beneath the bounds of sanity of Canada’s Vancouver cemeteries rises REVERSED. Howls into the void respond […]

Communion - Communion EP