OUTRE-TOMBE “Répurgation” LP out now + website update!


Greetings! We finally received the Outre-Tombe “Répurgation” LPs and they turned out looking and sounding perfect. The mastering sounds absolutely crushing. It’s a must-have for all die hard classic death metal/death-thrash maniacs!!!!

Punishing debut album of OUTRE-TOMBE, hailing from Quebec City. Total straightforward haunted Death Metal with eerie melodies and disgusting French vocals. Deadly riffs worshipping old BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, ENTOMBED and ancient SEPULTURA. Hands down the best and classic Death Metal release to have come out from the Canadian underground in years!!!!

Black version limited to 350 copies only and die hard version limited to 150 copies! Pressed in Canada!

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