Records/tapes from PAUL CHAIN, SABBAT, ROOT, THOR, BLACK OATH… now in stock!

We just added a whole bunch of records got from trades from all over the world – Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden. Enjoy!



Paul Chain Violet Theatre – Detaching from Satan

Paul Chain Violet Theatre – In the Darkness

Paul Chain – Alkahest

Paul Chain – Life and Death

Paul Chain – Whited Sepulchres

Paul Chain – Ash

Iron Gypsy – S/T

Jaguar – Jaguar replica single

Messiah Force – The Last Day 2CD

Sortilège – S/T CD

Sortilège – Métamorphose 2xCD

Jex Thoth – Jex Thoth

Jex Thoth – Totem

Ereb Altor – By Honor

Minotaur – God May Show You Mercy… We Will Not

Root – Zjeveni

Mortem – De Natura Daemonum

Pentacle – …Rides the Moonstorm

Sabbat – Satanasword

Agatus – The Weaving Fates

Devil Childe – Devil Childe


Black Oath – Black Oath MC ** NEW RELEASE

Denouncement Pyre – The Storm to End All Wars

Inepsy – R’n’R Babylon

Inepsy – The Lost Tracks

Metalian – Midnight Rider

Sanctuaire – Feu Sacré

Shezmu – Demo I

Doombringer – Ancient Abominations Comp

Doombringer/Goat Tyrant split

Heavy Sentence/Protector b/w Darkest Hour

Sabbat/Metalucifer – The Asian Tyrantz/We’re Still Metal Kids ** NEW RELEASE


SADISTIC INTENT / PENTACLE – Invocations of the Death-ridden Split MLP

SADISTIC INTENT – Reawakening Horrid Thoughts LP (etched)

SABBAT – Satanasword Gatefold LP

SABBAT – Envenom LP

SABBAT – …For Satan and Sacrifice… Gatefold LP

UNHOLY LUST – Banished from the Light LP

POISON (Ger) “Further Down into the Abyss” Double LP

METALUCIFER “Heavy Metal Chainsaw“ Gatefold LP

THOR – Thunderstryke Gatefold LP (Rare Blue w/Obi)

FORCE OF DARKNESS – s/t Gatefold LP + Booklet

MORTEM – Deinós Nekrómantis Gatefold LP

Root – Zjevení LP (color)