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Droid – Terrestrial Mutations cassette

TEMPLE-004 ( 2017 ) Buy


Terrestrial Mutations cassette

First full length by Canadian progressive thrash/speed metal Droid, on cassette tape! Entitled “Terrestrial Mutations”, this world-class album is a must for fans of Voïvod and Coroner. Available as a bundle with a shaped patch  (or no patch).

Each version limited to 50 copies.



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Side A
1. Amorphous Forms (Shapeless Shadows) 04:56
2. Suspended Animation 03:24
3. Abandoned Celestial State 07:30
4. Terrestrial Mutation 09:55

Side B
5. Pain of Reincarnation 06:34
6. Temptations of Terminal Progress 08:00
7. Cosmic Debt 04:09
8. Excommunicated 06:45
9. Mission Drift 10:43