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PROTECTOR were in a complete league of their own when it came to mid-80s high-speed thrash metal intensity. These guys made much more famous thrashers from the same era sound tame in comparison. PROTECTOR represents the pinnacle of an amazing period in heavy metal history: those few brief years from roughly ’86-’90 when thrash/speed metal was getting faster and faster, more technically adept, with more brutal vocals, all ushering in the flood of classic early death metal bands. For this reason, bands like PROTECTOR, MASSACRA & AGRESSOR (French death-thrashers on par with PROTECTOR for sheer brilliance), INSANITY (San Francisco), SLAUGHTER LORD (Australia), NECRODEATH (Italy), MINOTAUR (Germany), DEATH YELL (Chile), MERCILESS(Sweden), SADUS (California), SARCOFAGO (Brazil), MORBID SAINT(Illinois/Wisconsin), MORTUARY (Mexico), etc. to be “death-thrash”. They were right on the cusp, playing the fastest thrash imaginable, yet incorporating innovative proto-death riffage, leads, and lyrics. PROTECTOR-“Echoes From The Past…” CD collects the three most important PROTECTOR recordings spanning 1986-1988.

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